Stories of Urban Life in 2020

Front of the Carlton Grocery in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood

2020 was a bad year for everyone. Disease covered the world. Economic disturbances took many peoples’ work and businesses. Social wrongs were shown again and again.

Streets were full of ideas to address these ills though. Roads were shut to cars for use as socially distanced walking and dinning spaces. Protestors took to the streets to call for changes to institutions like the police, social services and renting.

This urban read collects some of these stories of urban challenges and ideas to address them.

Urban Spaces and Design

Urban life was defined by COVID-19 in 2020. Social norms, rules and design of urban spaces were directed at responding to the disease.

Social Justice and the Economy

COVID-19 also directed public focus to social and economic ills. People answered by protesting and calling for changes to urban social institutions and norms.

Personal Stories

COVID-19 required social distance between people. It also turned people’s focus to the important people in their lives.

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