The Up House

The Up House became famous when its owner refused to sell the house to developers. The developers were forced to build around the small house. Then in 2009 Disney paid for balloons to be tied to the top of the house for the release of Up, which has a house in a similar position.

Activities Near the Up House

The Up House is in Seattle’s Ballard Neighborhood. The area is known for its fishing boat harbor and Scandinavian culture:

  • Ballard Locks
    • The Ballard Locks connect the Puget Sound to the channel leading to Lake Washington. They are open to the public and allow you to watch boats being raised and lowered. The Ballard Locks also have a salmon ladder and a botanical garden.
  • Nordic Museum
    • The Nordic Museum shares the history of Nordic immigrants in the United States. It also brings in contemporary exhibits from Nordic countries to share their culture.
  • Golden Gardens Park
    • Golden Gardens Park offers one of the few sand beaches in Seattle. It also provides great views of the Olympic Mountains over Puget Sound.

History of the Up House

The Up House was the home of Edith Macefield until her death in 2008. In 2005 she was offered $1 million dollars for her home from a developer, but she refused. The 80-year-old said she did not need the money and she did not want to leave her home of 50+ years.

The developer built around Macefield’s house as a result. When Up came out in 2009 Disney paid to tie balloons to the top of the house to mimic the house in the film.

Many people have bought and sold the house since Macefield’s death in 2008. They have tried to remodel, demolish and move the house. The Up house has refused to change, much like its former owner. It is still between the modern apartment buildings in Ballard at 1438 N.W. 46th St., Seattle, WA.

Style of the Up House

The Up House is a modest Craftsman Bungalow. Many examples of craftsman homes today are ornate, but most were plain. Craftsman homes were popular as a cheap building style for laborers and the middle class.

The Up House was built in 1900. Ballard at the time was the center of fishing in Seattle. It was also home to many shipyards. This explains why the plain craftsman style was used.

This is in contrast to homes built around the same time on Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. These homes used more decorative styles like Queen Anne and Classical.

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