Sketching Expedition: Newport, Oregon

This summer I have been going surfing out at Newport. As a result, I have been doing a lot of sketching in Newport and on the Oregon coast. An aspect of surfing that I have been enjoying is that while you are out in nature you are also close to cities and towns too. And most surfing spots have an active area near to them with a surf and coffee shop and other seaside businesses.

I have been finding Newport an interesting area to draw as well because of the diversity of people. The Oregon coast is a big tourist destination, so you get people visiting from across the United States and internationally. As a result, there is no end to the people watching around Newport.

Newport Skyline from Yaquina Head

Yaquina Head is best known for its lighthouse, but ironically, I most enjoyed the view of Newport from this location. Besides the lighthouse, there is also an old quarry on the site that sits on a cove on the headland. The parking lot for the cove features a bunch of benches that have great views over Agate beach to Newport and the Yaquina Bay Bridge behind.

Surfers at Otter Rock

The most enjoyable surfing spot in Newport I have found so far is Otter Rock. This beach sits behind a small headland just north of Newport. On top of the headland is a small community made up of a business area overlooking the ocean and private homes tucked behind.

The community is surrounded by the Devil’s Punch Bowl Natural Area, which includes parking, restrooms and showers. The natural area gets its name from the sink hole at the end of the headland, which is believed to have formed when a sea cave collapsed. This makes for a fun spot that is a hub of locals out to enjoy the beach and tourists stopping to see the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

Oregon Surfing: Central Coast by Scott and Sandy Blackman

Oregon Surfing: Central Coast is a lightweight book documenting the history of surfing on the Oregon coast put out as part of the Images of Modern America Series. It was written by two prominent figures in Oregon surfing (Scott and Sandy Blackman) who collected photos and stories from the beginnings of Oregon surfing in the 1960s up to 2011. The book is a fun way to learn about the Oregon coast and some of its history. Would have liked more text and less photos though.

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