The Sketchy Traveler is a flaneur, an idler, a loafer and artist. A book in his bag and a sketchbook in hand, he wanders the city looking for the unusual, the unexpected and the delightful. His joy is not in the well trodden path, but in the spontaneity of people in the urban community. He revels in the things no one else has, or will, see and the moments that can only exist between him and another.

This website is an aesthetic space in which to share urban moments of connection and discovery. It is a celebration of the flaneurs and flaneuses who discover themselves in the mundane magic of the city. A community space for the dreamers, wanders, gadflies and rogues who flow with the pulse of the city and find in it their deeply personal and sacred selves.


Are you ready to discover magic in your neighborhood?

Using the Sketchy Traveler’s Images

Digital copies of the Sketchy Traveler’s images can be bought at Gumroad. Links to specific images are included with each story.

The Sketchy Traveler’s images can be used for personal or for-profit use. Please put the image name and a link back to this site with the image when using. The contact form is available if you have questions about using the Sketchy Traveler’s images in your work.