What is the Sketchy Traveler’s philosophy?

The other day after work I went for a swim. Then while walking home I stopped at the local food cart lot and bar to have a beer and a soft pretzel. As I sat in the bar, I felt a sense of contentment and easy come over me. I took some tasting notes onContinue reading “What is the Sketchy Traveler’s philosophy?”

Sketch Review: Seattle’s Best Dive Bars

The other day I took my car in for its usual maintenance and wandered into downtown Corvallis. I went into the local used bookstore to browse when I found the most out of place book – “Seattle’s Best Dive Bars” by Mike Seeley. I am sure the story of how this book came to beContinue reading “Sketch Review: Seattle’s Best Dive Bars”

So who is the sketchy traveler?

For a while now I have been getting to know a character called the Sketchy Traveler. This began before the pandemic, but during the isolation of lock down he took on new dimensions in doodles and ramblings in my journal. I often find it difficult to share this creative side of me, but as IContinue reading “So who is the sketchy traveler?”

Looking Back on Life in the 2022 Urban Landscape

I am a bit late getting out this post, but I wanted to take some time to consider the trends in urban life over the past year and where we might be heading. The theme of 2022 in urban life was housing. Major cities face a crisis with their homeless population and not enough homes.Continue reading “Looking Back on Life in the 2022 Urban Landscape”

A Walk in New York City

Of my time in New York City, my favorite experiences were all to be had with in a half mile to mile walk of my hotel. Indeed, it is the pleasure of a large city like New York that interesting sights and experiences can be found no matter where you are. The key is toContinue reading “A Walk in New York City”

Sketch Review: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

“You take delight not in the city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answers it gives to a question of yours.” – Invisible Cites by Italo CalvinoPrint Recently I have been reading more books about cities to inform my art and writing on this blog. On my reading list was “Invisible Cities” by ItaloContinue reading “Sketch Review: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino”

The Last COVID Walking View

Last October, I shared a trip back to one of the last places I had drawn before the pandemic began. At the time things seemed to be tentatively moving on from the pandemic, but much seemed still uncertain. A year later I have returned from a trip to New York City, a COVID booster isContinue reading “The Last COVID Walking View”

Sketching Expedition: Newport, Oregon

This summer I have been going surfing out at Newport. As a result, I have been doing a lot of sketching in Newport and on the Oregon coast. An aspect of surfing that I have been enjoying is that while you are out in nature you are also close to cities and towns too. AndContinue reading “Sketching Expedition: Newport, Oregon”

The Kubota Mountain Side Garden

Kubota Garden is one of Seattle’s hidden gems. It is tucked away in the far southeast corner of Seattle, so it is not a spot you will find traveling Seattle’s main thoroughfares. It is well worth the drive or bus ride to enjoy this varied garden and its winding paths though. The garden was originallyContinue reading “The Kubota Mountain Side Garden”

Downtown Portland from Mt. Tabor

This month’s drawing is from the top of Mt. Tabor looking over East Portland to Downtown Portland. Mt. Tabor is pretty easy to find as it is one of the highest points in east Portland. Mt. Tabor Park offers spectacular views and plenty of people watching. People come to the park to run and walkContinue reading “Downtown Portland from Mt. Tabor”