Walk from Oregon State University to Bald Hill

The beauty of a small town like Corvallis is that you can go from an urban environment to wilderness with less than an hour walks. A beautiful demonstration of this partnership between humans and nature is the walk from the Oregon State University (OSU) campus to Bald Hill.

Walking to Bald Hill

  1. Begin by parking at the OSU lot at Monroe and 14th Street. The lot is free on the weekends, but you need a permit during the weekdays. You can also look for parking in the surrounding neighborhood.
  2. From the lot, cross over 14th Avenue and proceed down Campus Way on the other side of 14th Ave.
    1. Note: The road takes you through the heart of the OSU campus. The university was initially founded 1856 as the Corvallis Academy to train school teachers. The school’s name has changed several times before becoming Oregon State University in 1961.
  3. After crossing 35th Street, the road passes by some barns and changes to a walking trail through the OSU research fields. This area provides spectacular views of the Oregon Coast Range and the farm animals kept by the university.
  4. After 53rd Street, cross over to the Benton County Fair Grounds. The trail passes by the fairgrounds to a hedge that borders the meadows around Bald Hill. At the hedge, the trail changes from Campus Way to the Midge Cramer Path.
  5. Take the Midge Cramer Path until you reach a T-intersection. From here you have two options:
    1. The shortest path to the top of Bald Hill is to the left and up the first trail on the right
    1. For restrooms and a shelter turn right.

The Bald Hill Natural Area has several path’s through its forests and meadows. Take your time to explore the area and enjoy the scenery.

Route back to OSU

  1. To return to OSU, take the Midge Cramer Path and follow it back to Campus Way.
  2. At 26th Ave turn right. This will take you past several notable campus landmarks:
    1. Women’s Building
    1. Memorial Union and its quad
    1. Watherford Hall
  3. Turn left at Jefferson Street and follow the road until you reach 14th Street.
  4. At 14th Street turn left and follow the road back to the parking lot.

Places to Find Food and Drink

  • Memorial Union
    • Has a coffee shop and cafeteria that is open to the public during the academic term.
  • Monroe Avenue
    • This road on the north side of OSU has several restaurants and cafes, including:
      • Interzone Coffee
      • The Beanery
      • Dutch Bros Coffee
      • McMenamins